Well folks, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - the battery metals space is an area of the market that by all accounts of major economic trends will consolidate itself as a key subsector of the overall metals and mining space; in fact, while global lithium demand is slated to grow above 600, 000 metric tons by 2040, EV-driven demand alone is projected to more than triple by 2030…and we’re still just talking about only one of a plethora of battery metals here.

We understand that it's hard to pinpoint just which metals will be favoured by the technologies of the future, especially on such a long timeline - as such, it's important to cast a net in gaining exposure to this metals group; One such firm that can help investors do just that is Infinity Stone Ventures ($GEMS). This junior explorer has made targeted purchases of a diversified suite of early-stage projects mainly within Ontario and Quebec and does not limit itself to any single battery metal, but instead has built up a portfolio of sites ranging across lithium, graphite, copper, cobalt and manganese-centred exploration.

Starting with lithium, on a site-by-site basis, this is where ISV has focused a bulk of their efforts - with a majority of their projects focusing on this commodity, including their flagship Camaro-Taiga-Hellcat Project. This project consists of a 5,187-hectare land package and sits adjacent to Patriot Battery Metal’s Corvette Lithium Project - in fact, Patriot’s CV8 pegmatite is just 1,400 meters north of ISV’s property group and boasts samples averaging 4.6% Li20. ISV has spent a good part of 2022 exploring this project and while 28 highly prospective pegmatites have already been identified, they recently completed their initial exploration program which returned 87 assays covering a large majority (3,850 hectares) of the overall land package.

While still waiting on further sample testing of these assays, initial results outlined white, coarse-grained pegmatite dikes, which are common lithium pegmatite indicator minerals; this lead the team to further expand their claims package along the Hellcat site’s North-Western borders by a whopping 1,336 hectares.

However, the lithium story doesn't end there for $GEMS - their Galaxy and Buda lithium projects also show great promise; with the former representing an even larger land package encompassing 9,423 hectares near Antoine-Labelle County, Quebec, and lying below at least 30 highly prospective pegmatite dikes. Furthermore, recent drilling at their Buda project (1,203 hectares) has uncovered additional mineralization along three holes, which all intersected pegmatite intervals with multiple muscovite-rich intervals. Read more on that update here.

However, as we said, it's important to cast a net when forecasting which battery metals will consolidate their positions within the future’s more mature market, and that’s exactly why it's important to highlight that ISV has not only made targeted investments into sites focusing on other key battery metals, but has also made strong headway on advancing their drill programs. For instance, ISV owns a 785-hectare land package just west of Thunder Bay - known as the Rockstone Graphite Project, and while still an early-stage project, it's important to note that all 8 historic drill holes as well as the 4 from their most recent drill program (completed just over a month ago) have shown mineralization. In fact, they successfully substantiated the findings of their discovery hole, which intersected 25% graphite over 24 meters - placing its existing core samples amongst the top quartile in the world. While still very early on in its drill program, electromagnetic anomalies (which help substantiate the existence of graphite) scatter the entirety of their land package.

Infinity Stone Ventures is a firm that moves fast on their current endeavours and is at the ready to acquire new, material projects when the right opportunities present themselves - in the last month alone, they’ve advanced their drill programs, acquired a new lithium project (their first outside of Ontario and Quebec) and closed a private placement deal totalling $500,000; lead by CEO, Zayn Kalyan, $GEMS has the means and experience necessary to see through what they’ve started and we hope you enjoyed this spotlight on just a few of their projects as we believe they are an undervalued name in the space, trading at a market cap of only $20M when their projects could likely generate hundreds of millions of dollars in the future. Lastly, we recently had the chance to sit down with and interview Zayn about the future of the battery metals space - if you haven’t done so already, we highly recommend you check that out.